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predestined (1/3) - kai/krystal


kaistal soulmates!au. In a world where your soulmate’s name is marked on your skin from birth, never to fade away— things have never been quite that easy. Kai, Krystal— the names they hide behind.

one- our wills and fates do so contrary run

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predestined (2/3) - kai/krystal


kaistal soulmates!au. In a world where your soulmate’s name is marked on your skin from birth, never to fade away— things have never been quite that easy. Kai, Krystal— the names they hide behind.

two - that our devices still are overthrown

“KRYSTAL! Wake up!” Banging on the door, followed by an oops as it swung open, having been unlocked from the beginning. The yelling then got significantly louder. “Wake! Up!”

Krystal sometimes really wondered how Luna, who had the most beautiful singing voice, managed to produce such grating sounds in the early morning. “Five more minutes,” she groaned, pulling a pillow over her head in an attempt to block out the dreadful noise.

“No way! You’re not going to believe what happened last night!”

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collection of drabbles | kai/krystal »

kaistal plssss


  • when I started shipping it if I did: when i watched this video (been shipping ever since) see how they hold hands? it’s like their hands are made for each other
  • my thoughts: i love them, i love them so much. like if i know they’re on the same place on the same day
  • What makes me happy about them: their existence and how i feel like they’re made for each other (it kinda hurts) 
  • What makes me sad about them: the fact that they’re not dating irl
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: super fluffy that it makes me want to hurl unicorns and rainbows (there’s a right amount of fluff guys, you don’t have to pour it all in in one fic, pls just don’t)
  • things I look for in fanfic: angst with little bit of fluff. I seem to like angsty fics whenever I read kaistal which is surprising because i rarely read those when I read fics on other pairings (maybe because kaistal is the king&queen of angst fics, like they’re made for it) 
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: for krystal, minhyuk bc my god, have you seen them on the heirs, they’re the only reason i watched it. but for jongin, i’ve yet to find someone i’d approve (i’m a little protective when it comes to jongin, don’t ask me why)
  • My happily ever after for them: for them to become the korean beckhams. i mean, wouldn’t it be cute? soojung would attend a fashion show with little soojung and jongin carrying jongin jr while shopping for suits or ties. they’d be very discreet, no pdas but sometimes they’d give us little swoon worthy moments, like jongin kissing soojung after a stroll under the moon, or soojung clinging onto jongin after a dinner out/day off from the kids.
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: of course soojung is the little spoon, jongin is the clingy type who likes to hug her from behind so it’s non negotiable (though sometimes, soojung likes to be the big spoon too lol)
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: i answered this one before and i’m still gonna say it’s bickering because jongin likes to annoy soojung and jongin thinks annoyed soojung is always the cutest thing (and jongin thinks it’s a way for her to get her out of her shell) 


Title: Abandoning Time by jellyfriedgreen7
Pairing: Kai/Krystal
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered
Description: Lost time cannot be recalled.
★ I know I said I would make a list of fics to recommend but I decided I should just probably do it separately. So, first up is KaiStal. (Arcadians, hands up!) Set in the timetravellers!au, it perfectly executed what simple complexity is. A gripping story travelling through time, emotions and lives. A must read!

we wait for the blue light {kaistal}


“Kai, the General wants to see you.” Chanyeol’s expression is flippant and cold. He regards his teammate with nothing but a sidelong glance because everybody on the team had always known that this would happen. Chanyeol doesn’t even need to specify which General it is, because the disdain he looks at Kai with is enough to tell him that it’s over. General Jung is not a kind woman.

He nods quietly, dog-earing the page he’s on before gently snapping his book shut. “It’s not like you’ll need the page again,” Kai can hear Chanyeol sneer before his tall shadow disappears around the corner of the crumbling hallway. The Base is always like this—dark and dank, cracks running in the aging walls of the underground bunkers below the shuttered warehouse that hides the heart of the Movement.

It’s dark and decrepit, but it’s enough to shield the Movement, the Red Light, from the caustic rain and the bootsteps of government officers patrolling the area, ready to crush them underfoot like cockroaches. Kai rises from his rickety wooden chair and tosses his book to the ground. Buzzing lightbulbs lead him down empty winding tunnels and up a flight of stairs.

He climbs up the stairs and emerges into the cold acrid air of the warehouse. White light streams through the shuttered windows. Sitting in a wooden stool with her back turned to him is the General.

She doesn’t turn to face him. “You’re here,” her soft voice echoes in the space.

“You called for me, General.” Kai gulps. His ragged dirty shirt does nothing to protect him from the cold wind that endlessly sweeps across the land these days. The General tilts her head, long blond hair falling across her back. She’s dressed in the coat today, the crisp one with glittering gold buttons.

“Yes, I did.” She swivels in her stool. Her right eye is closed, and Kai has never dared to asked about the left one hidden behind the eyepatch. “You’ve disappointed me.”

Kai remains silent. One week ago, the General had given him a special assignment. He was to infiltrate the gleaming black capitol and perform an assassination. Of course, getting in and finding Taemin would be easy enough. But leaving the center of the military junta that had taken over after the Fall is always nearly impossible. Kai may be loyal, but he isn’t daft. He knew that it was a suicide mission. And he thinks he knows why the General had sent him on a suicide mission.

She sighs, slipping off her stool and slowly stepping towards him. Her black boots click on the concrete ground as she delicately brushes her blond hair away from her face. “What am I to do with you, Kim Jongin.”

Kai flinches. The last time someone had called him by that name was the night before the junta had taken over, when his mother left him shivering in the streets, a young healthy man to serve under the new leaders in exchange for protection of the family.

“I took you in all those years ago,” her good eye is sharp and her lips are downturned, “I personally nursed you back to health and trained you. I saved your life.” Kai grimaces at the memory. It’s hard to believe the dirty, hungry girl who had killed 5 officers singlehandedly and carried him back underground on her back is the same age as he is.

“You owe me a life debt,” she continues, “and I gave you a task.”

“It’s too bad all your hard work would have gone to waste, had I carried the job out,” Kai spits, mustering as much contempt into his voice as he can, and the General narrows her eye. Her glare is positively venomous. The General stops in her tracks.

“Tell me, General Jung,” he stares at her right in the eye even though he’s frozen in fear, “why did you send me on a suicide mission? It would be a waste of the resources you put into me, right? Why lose another assassin?”

Her expression doesn’t change from her cold, steely glower. Her slender hand is by her side, inches away from the hem of her coat where Kai knows there’s a gun hidden. Kai knows her well enough to know where every single gun, every knife is hidden, where her radio is, which pocket she hides her old faded photo of Jessica is, her last reminder of her sister. Kai is terrified, but he’s been on both the surface and in the underground and he’s beyond the point of concern for his wellbeing. He throws every last bit of self preservation into the musty air.

“Yeah, being in love will make you do stupid things, Soojung.”

The General’s right eye widens in shock that he could ever muster up the nerve to say it. Kai knows that with those words, he’s just sealed the deal. “That’s why you tried to kill me off, isn’t it, Soojung?”

Her hands are tense with barely suppressed rage, her normally icy exterior melting away into an expression of pure hatred.

“You’re angry because I’m right,” Kai observes. He might as well be asking for his death.

“Get out,” the General says.

Kai’s blood runs cold. “What,” he breathes, “you’re not going to kill me?”

“No,” she says flatly. “Get out. Leave the base and never come back.”

“You can’t possibly expect me to survive up there—“

“I don’t,” is the General’s simple response. “Get out of my sight, love.” She emphasizes the endearment with a vicious twist to her lips.

Kai remembers that love also makes you cruel. And the General is a cruel woman.